Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review  

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Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor has submitted a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council in preparation for the upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Hong Kong in January 2024. This would be the first UPR review since the Hong Kong National Security Law (NSL) was implemented. 

The report underlined how the Hong Kong authorities are increasingly weaponise the NSL to clamp down on the human rights, trade union rights in Hong Kong. 

The report covered six areas: rights to freedom of association, expression, peaceful assembly, work, just and favourable conditions of work and collective bargaining. The report also included examples of human rights violations, particularly in the areas of freedom of association, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.   

The report also highlighted the rising political surveillance faced by trade union under the NSL. For examples, trade unions are prohibited from engaging in political activities, and new trade union must pledge that they would not undermine national interests upon registrations. The Hong Kong Labour Department also has created a new directorate post to oversee the increased work on national security-related issues.  

The report also noted recent examples of trade union persecution, such as the arrest of the General Secretary of International Domestic Workers Federation, and the cancellations of Labour Day rally after organisers were harassed and intimidated. 

Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor included recommendations in the report such as repealing the Hong Kong National Security Law, dropping all charges against trade union organiser and ensuring that trade unions, civil society organisations and their members can carry out their legitimate functions and exercise their rights as guaranteed by international human right instruments in an environment free of fear and threats of any kind.