Hong Kong Trade Union Leaders Behind Bars

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Since the promulgation of the National Security Law on 30 June 2020, at least 8 trade union leaders have been prosecuted because of their roles in trade union and the Hong Kong democracy movement.

Winnie Yu Wai-Ming

She's been detained since March 2022. Winnie Yu is a registered nurse by profession and the former chairperson of the Hospital Authority


Carol Ng Man-Yee

She's been detained since March, 2021. Carol Ng is the former chairperson of the HKCTU and the British Airways Hong Kong Cabin


Lee Cheuk-yan

Lee Cheuk-yan has been detained since April, 2021. Lee is the former general secretary of the HKCTU and former chairperson of the


Trade Unionists convicted

Trade Unionists Arrested because of their work

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