Carol Ng Man-Yee

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Carol Ng Man-Yee (Photo:InMedia)

Role: Former Chairperson, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions

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Days behind bars


  • Conspiracy to commit subversion
    > Denied bail on 4 Mar 2021
    > pending trial (High Court. Not scheduled. Expected to be in 2023.


Carol Ng is the former chairperson of the HKCTU and the British Airways Hong Kong Cabin Crew Union. In 2007, she sued the airline for a discriminatory retirement policy in a UK Employment Tribunal with the assistance of Unite the Union. After six years of litigation, British Airways finally yielded before the final appeal and extended the retirement age of Hong Kong aircrew to 65. On 5 August 2019, she helped organise a general strike, with an estimated 350,000 people taking part, demanding an investigation into police brutality during the 2019 Democracy Movement and genuine democracy. [1]

Ng, representing the Labour Party in Hong Kong, stood in the unofficial primary election in July 2020. She ran on the platform of striving for better protection of labour rights and strengthening the role of workers in the fight for the city’s democracy through union organising. She was arrested on 6 January 2021 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit subversion over her participation in the primaries and has been detained since 28 February 2021. The High Court declined her appeal for bail on 20 December 2021, citing her international influence because of her trade union work.

[1]       [retrieved 16 May 2022]

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