Who is speaking up for the Hong Kong education profession?

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One year ago, the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (HKPTU) was disbanded under “prominent political pressure”. The authorities called HKPTU a “poisonous tumor” that “must be eradicated”. One year after the HKPTU was disbanded, what does Hong Kong education look like?

Teacher shortage

Hong Kong is experiencing an unprecedented teacher shortage. Some schools did not hire enough teachers before the school year began in September. Because of the absence of trade union backing, and the political environment in Hong Kong, many teachers opt to quit the education sector.

👉 Before disbanding, the HKPTU handled 3,000 cases of teachers requesting assistance every year. Hong Kong teachers are required to perform political tasks under the Hong Kong National Security Law. Many teachers would rather resign or leave Hong Kong.

Lack of professional advice on education policy

The student population in Hong Kong is declining. Pro-government education professionals suggested schools attract students from the Greater Bay Area. This shows they lack basic knowledge of population and education policy.

👉 HKPTU had a research department that studied trends in the student population and the distribution of schools across Hong Kong. The team has provided the Hong Kong Department of Education with critical data and evidence-based policy recommendations.

Education becomes patriotic education

In Hong Kong, patriotic education with “Chinese characteristics” has dominated civic education.

👉 Dissidents’ voices have been muffled after the dissolution of the HKPTU. However, this does not imply that people are unconcerned about what is happening in Hong Kong; rather, the public has lost faith in Hong Kong education .

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