Hong Kong: Living cost ranks top, but its minimum wage is not

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Hong Kong continues to be the most expensive city to live in, followed by New York (2nd), Geneva (3rd), London (4th) and Tokyo (5th), according to ECA International latest report published in June 2022. However, Hong Kong’s minimum hourly wage lags well behind its rivals. 

We compared Hong Kong’s minimum wage per hour with the top 20 cities with the highest living costs. Here are our findings: Hong Kong’s minimum wage is less than half that of London, about a third of that of New York, and one-fifth of that of Geneva. Even when compared to cities with lower living cost, such as Seoul (10th) and Taipei (20th), Hong Kong’s minimum wage fell short by 10-20%. 

In other words, Hong Kong grassroot workers bear a heavier living burden, making it more difficult of them to improve their standard of living.  

Most expensive cities to live in and their minimum wage per hour 

Hong Kong (1st) HKD37.5 

New York (2nd) USD15 (HKD117.8) 

Geneva (3rd)   CHF23 (HKD182.5) 

London (4th)   GBP9.5 (HKD83.7) 

Tokyo(5th)   JPY961(HKD52.1)  

Seoul (10th)   KRW9160(HKD49.9)  

Taipei (20th) TWD168(HKD41.4) 

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