CGU Solidarity Statement on Elizabeth Tang

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The Council of Global Unions (CGU) issued a statement on 18 April to stand with Elizabeth Tang. CGU demands Hong Kong authorities withdraw the investigation against Elizabeth Tang, respect human rights, and end the assault on legitimate trade union rights in Hong Kong. CGU represent 200 million workers around the world.

Elizabeth Tang, General Secretary of International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF), former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Confederation of a Trade Unions (HKCTU) was arrested by the Hong Kong national security police for alleged “foreign collusion” on 9 March.

The CGU strongly condemns the arbitrary arrest, detention and travel restrictions imposed on Elizabeth Tang by the Hong Kong authorities. The statement also demands an end to the assault on fundamental rights and freedoms in Hong Kong, which has been intensified since the adoption of the National Security Law. The statement reiterates that the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities must respect and fulfil their international human and labour rights obligations including obligations under ILO Convention 87.

We stand in solidarity with Elizabeth Tang and all trade unionists and democracy activists in Hong Kong who are facing grave threats to their fundamental rights and freedoms, and call for an immediate end to the assault on human rights and democracy in Hong Kong.

CGU statement 18 April 2023



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