Lee Cheuk-yan awarded SOLIDAR’s Silver Rose Lifetime Achievement Award 

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Lee Cheuk-yan, the former HKCTU General Secretary and the former Hong Kong Alliance Chairperson, was awarded SOLIDAR’s Silver Rose Lifetime Achievement Award last month for his dedication and contribution to the Hong Kong’s human rights and independent labour movement. SOLIDAR is a network of European and worldwide NGO network organisation. 

The Silver Rose Award was established in 2000 with the goal of recognising civil society organisations and individuals who make significant contribute to social justice and solidarity throughout the world. Previous recipients of the award include Juan Somavia, the former General Director of the International Labor Organization, the Sudan Organisation Against Torture, and Aminatou Haidar, Western Sahara human rights defender.

SOLIDAR underlined that since the National Security Law was inplemented in Hong Kong, many activists and disssident, including Lee Cheuk-yan, have been incarcenated for simply excercising their fundamental freedoms. “Their only crime is  they dare to speak up against such repression with conscience” SOLIDAR said in the statement. “This award is a recognition to all the people who fight for human rights and civil liberties in Hong Kong.” 

Lee Cheuk-yan’s outstanding contributions and perseverance in building the independent trade union movement in Hong Kong were recognised by the award’s jury. “He serves as an example for all of us and the need for personal commitment, dedication and struggle to advance our progressive values.” 

Lee Cheuk-yan has been imprionsed for more than 19 month, since April 2021, for his involvement in peaceful protests. Lee is now being held in custody for his role in the Hong Kong Alliance as a former chairperson. One of the five operational goals of the now-defunct Hong Kong Alliance was to “end authoritarian one-party rule” in China. Lee has been charged with subversion of state power under the Hong Kong National Security Law.  

SOLIDAR stressed that as progressive family, we stand in solidarity with Lee, the independent labour movement in Hong Kong and all the political prisoners in Hong Kong. 

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