Labour Rights talks recap 8/2023

1 min read

This month, we bought the labour rights talk and exhibition to Manchester (6 Aug), Birmingham (8 Aug) and Leeds (20 Aug) It’s most encouraging that we met over 100 Hongkongers in the events!

We started the events with a labour rights talk and provided an overview of labour rights in the UK in various forms of employment such as workers, employees and self-employed persons. If you want to know more about your rights working in the UK, as we always encourage our fellow Hongkongers: “Join a trade union!”

After the talk, we staged an exhibition on the history of Hong Kong’s independent trade union movement. We must not forget the resilience and power of the trade union movement in Hong Kong and carry on its spirit. We are planning to organised more exhibitions and talks around the UK. Keep an eye out and join our next event when it comes to your town or city!