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In this issue: The 16th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Bar-bender Strike | HK Diaspora Trade Unionists | Event Recap | HK Labour Rights Newsflash

In the summer of 2007, over a thousand bar-benders staged a 36-day strike and successfully pushed for better pay and decreased working hours.

The significance of the strike extended well beyond these successes. The bar-benders turned a new page for the Hong Kong independent labour movement when they took to the streets. 16 years have passed since then, but the bar-bender strike remains as inspiring as ever, particularly at a time when the independent labour movement is facing unprecedented repression in the city.

HK Labour Rights Newsflash

  • Wanted in Hong Kong, self-exiled activists in Britain decry ‘harassment’ < Read more >
  • Hong Kong 47: Ex-Hospital Authority union chairperson Winnie Yu testified in national security trial < Read more >
  • Logistics company fined over HK$920,000 in pregnancy discrimination case < Read more >
  • Remember Li Wangyang, labour leader who sacrificed for a better China < Read more >

HK Diaspora Trade Unionists

This month, our series “Hong Kong diaspora trade unionists” interviewed Hui Lai-Ming, a social worker and trade unionist. She told us about her struggles in Hong Kong and the new initiative she founded in the UK to bring Hongkongers together in the country.

Event Recap

Labour Rights Talk for Hongkongers and Exhibition

在八月,我們的勞工權益講座及自主工運展覽繼續走訪了曼城(6/8)、伯明翰(8/8)及列斯(20/8),反應踴躍, In August, we bought the labour rights talk and exhibition to Manchester (6 Aug), Birmingham (8 Aug) and Leeds (20 Aug). It’s most encouraging that we met over 100 Hongkongers at the events. We are planning to organise similar events around the UK. If you are interested in co-hosting an event in your region, please contact us at [email protected].

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