Newsletter May 2023

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In this issue: NEW REPORT: Hong Kong Labour Status 2022; A trip to Canada; Latest in HK

On 18 May, Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor published the report ‘The State of Labour in Hong Kong 2022’.

The report examined the condition of labour rights in Hong Kong in four areas: the economy and labour market, labour legislation and policies, violations of labour standards, and trade union activities and collective workers’ actions in Hong Kong. Labour rights in Hong Kong were hit hard by the COVID outbreak and the National Security Law (NSL) in 2022, according to the research.

HK Labour Rights Newsflash 

  • Hong Kong minimum wage raised to HK$40. Is it enough? < Read more >
  • Delegation from Unite staged protest in Hong Kong demanding justice for ‘Felixstowe 4’ < Read more >
  • Gender discrimination is still prevalent in Hong Kong’s workplace  < Read more >

International Solidarity

Christopher Mung (L) and Bea Bruske (R), President of the Canadian Labour Congress

A trip to Canada

This month, HKLRM’s Executive Director Christopher Mung attended the Canadian Labour Congress at Montreal where he shared the challenges Hong Kong independent trade unionism faced at an international forum. He also paid visits to the Toronto & York Region Labour Council and Unifor during his trip.

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