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In this issue: Six countries demand HK to repeal the NSL at the UN | International Solidarity | HK Labour Rights Newsflash | Event Recap

The UN Human Rights Council held its Universal Periodic Review on the human rights situation in China, including Hong Kong, on 23 January. This is the first time since the National Security Law (NSL) implementation in Hong Kong. The deterioration of human rights in Hong Kong raises worries in many other nations. Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council and attended the consultation held by human rights organisations in Geneva. Representatives from nearly 20 countries expressed concerns about the city’s situation; six countries urged the Hong Kong government to repeal the NSL, and the number of questions directed at Hong Kong delegates increased from four in the previous session to 14. The UN will issue an outcome report in February.

We will continue to monitor human and labour rights in Hong Kong, speak for workers in Hong Kong and amplify their voices throughout the world.

International Solidarity

March against the anti-strike law

Around 5,000 supporters of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and many other labour groups turned up in the march organised by the South West Public and Commercial Services Union branch, showing their determination against the draconian anti-strike law. The conservative government forced the Strike (Minimum Service Level) Act through parliament, requiring public sectors such as health services, railways, education, fire and rescue, border security, and nuclear decommissioning to maintain minimum service levels during industrial actions and weakening 5.5 million workers’ right to strike.

GLI Global Labour School: Facing Challenges and Opportunities

Earlier, we attended the Global Labour School organised by the Global Labour Institute (GLI). More than 100 trade unionists from over 30 countries shared their experience dealing with the challenges of the labour rights movement. While working from home has become a popular trend and the platform economy is expanding, trade unions are facing challenges in reaching out to workers. The three-day exchanges were rewarding and can also be applied to our future advocacy.

HK Labour Rights Newsflash

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  • Six Apple Daily journalists behind bars for over 900 days before sentencing in court < Read more >
  • Know your rights | FAQs for working in the UK (Chinese only) < Read more >

Event Recap

Photo: Guildford Hongkongers

Labour Rights Talk for Hongkongers and Exhibition

We brought the first labour rights talk to London in 2024. We explained the UK labour regulations and had a lively exchange with participants about their work-related concerns. The Unison representative, the largest public sector trade union in the UK, clarified the labour rights of newly arrived Hongkongers and the importance of joining trade unions to be involved in the country. If you would like to co-host an event in your area, please email us at [email protected] !

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