Hong Kong Government’s all-encompassing strategy to attack trade unions in Hong Kong

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Article 9 of the Hong Kong National Security Law requires the government to strengthen supervision and regulation over matters concerning national security, including those relating to schools, universities, social organisations, the media, and the internet, to which the government has duly obliged.

This all-encompassing strategy effectively create a climate of fear in the Hong Kong society. Just in 2021, over 60 trade unions were disbanded. How did this strategy work? Below are the the areas that have significant impacts on worker’s interests and civil society organisation’s activities.

Civil servants


Civil servants were given one month to sign sign an oath of allegiance to the government. Failure to do so could result in dismissal.

Social Workers

Amended the Social Workers Registration Ordinance

barring any person convicted of national security offences from “being or continuing to be registered social workers”


6 teacher licenses revoked

with another 185 disciplined with a reprimand or warning letter, written advice, or verbal reminder after the Education Bureau received complaints about their involvement in the movement.

charity & crowdfunding

Tax guide amended

to include the national security requirement.The government warned that it would strip charities' tax exemption status if their work pose harm to the "national security"

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