UN Human Rights Committee Hearing 7/2022 

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Mung Siu Tat meet UN human rights expert during the UN Human Rights Committee reviewing Hong Kong human rights situation.

In early July, Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor’s Executive Director Siu-Tat Mung brought our advocacy efforts to the United Nations. He presented our report “Hong Kong Trade Union Movement Under The National Security Law” to United Nations experts and delegations to the UN Human Rights Committee and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Here are some key points in our briefing to the UN:

⚠️ The Hong Kong authorities have used various political means to obliterate Hong Kong’s trade unions and civil society: including smear campaigns from state-controlled media, intimidations from top officials and Beijing’s proxies. This clearly breaches the freedom of association under ICCPR Article 11.

⚠️ The Hong Kong authorities use the National Security Law and draconian colonial laws to silence Hong Kong’s labour movement. Their all-encompassing strategy effectively creating a climate of fear in Hong Kong’s civil society. Over 60 trade unions were forced to disband in 2022.

⚠️ Union members face great difficulties in organising legitimate activities. The plight of the General Union of Hong Kong Speech Therapists, which was the first trade union to be disqualified and de-registered after the imposition of the NSL, outlines the authorities’ tactics to crush Hong Kong’s independent labour movement. At least five trade unions said they were interrogated by the authorities about their trade union operation details.

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