Hong Kong Trade Union Movement Under The National Security Law

Hong Kong’s independent trade union movement face unprecedented suppression under the city’s draconian National Security Law (NSL).

In our latest report “Hong Kong Trade Union Movement under the National Security Law: Two years into the authoritarian rule”, we document the authorities’ relentless attack to silence and criminalize the city’s once thriving independent labour movement.

Under the overly vague and broad definition of National Security

A Sword of Damocles over Hong Kong’s Trade Unions

Since the introduction of the NSL on 30 June 2020, 


trade union have been forced to disband

Fight for survival

Major Challenges

Hong Kong’s labour movement must overcome ...

Brain drain, legal risks, finance

Labour activists are now fearful of undertaking legitimate activities and face a funding crisis
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Despite the unprecedented suppression, Hong Kong’s courageous labour activists are still standing up for their rights.