Hong Kong Diaspora Trade Unionist: Ivan Law

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I will keep doing what I’m doing now, even if it means I have to stay in the UK for the rest of my life.

Ivan Law, Former Deputy Chairman of the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance (HAEA)

Ivan Law is the former vice-chairman of the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance (HAEA). In 2019, HAEA staged a large-scale walkout to demand border restrictions aimed at halting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the union became a target of the government’s escalating political persecution. Ivan resigned from the HAEA in September 2021 and relocated to the UK. He currently works for NHS England and has joined the local nurses’ union to sustain the labour movement’s fighting spirit. In addition, Ivan helps other Hong Kong nursing professionals adapt to working life in the UK. He also volunteers and organises events to unite Hongkongers in the UK, including the Hong Kong March, the Hong Kong Film Festival, and various protests.

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