Hong Kong Diaspora Trade Unionist: Stanley Ho

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This “expat life” will come to an end one day when I return to Hong Kong and contribute. What I am studying now is to gear myself up for that day.

Stanley Ho

Before focusing on trade union education, Stanley Ho played a significant role in organising the 40-day Hong Kong Dockers’ strike in 2013. At the height of the Hong Kong Protests in 2019, he was elected as a district councillor for the Hong Kong Labour Party. In 2021, a year after the National Security Law was imposed, he resigned his seat along with over 200 pro-democracy district councillors who refused to pledge allegiance to the Hong Kong government. Stanley subsequently relocated to the UK and took a position as policy and communication officer at the Trade Union Congress Wales, focusing on climate change and labour rights. He actively promotes labour rights education within the Hong Kong diaspora community and is pursuing a master’s degree in labour studies in Canada.